Frequently Asked Questions

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Raising money for local community activities has never been easier. RahRah! members support students in local youth athletic, music and academic programs while saving big at hundreds of restaurants and retailers - all from the convenience of their smartphone. No more coupon books or cards to carry around. Learn more about how to get involved with the RahRah! program today.

What are the types of RahRah Memberships?

RahRah also offers single and multi-membership plans. RahRah members save almost $6 every time you redeem a mobile offer.

Members can upgrade to family plans at anytime. We also, have corporate business plans available for employee and client loyalty programs, all while supporting your local youth.

50% of all initial membership sign ups and each subsequent renewal are paid out to RahRah organizations.

Does my membership auto renew?

Yes, your membership will auto renew each year based on which membership plan you choose. This allows for residual income for your supported school/youth organization. You may cancel your membership at any time.

Is there a cost for a school or youth organization to participate?

There is no cost to participate and no minimum memberships to maintain.

How much can an organization expect to profit?

The average profit to the organization on an initial membership sign up is around $28 to the organization. That is almost double on a discount card and almost triple on a food product.

This is due to members purchasing multiple membership plans and making additional donations.

Check for yourself by trying out our profit calculator based on our current membership data.

RahRah Profit Calculator

Can we add our youth organization that is affiliated with our HS team?

Of course, RahRah is for everyone.

Most of our high school teams combine their youth to the program to help build a membership base, that will provide residual income throughout the whole program from youth to high school.

How do I sign up my school or youth organization?

It’s easy, to get things started contact us here and fill in your information on the form.

Can a student use RahRah to raise funds for multiple organizations they participate in?


With the RahRah program, participating students are called STARS, and they can create their custom STAR profile and can choose to assign fundraising dollars raised to multiple participating RahRah organizations.

Can a member donate more than the monthly membership?

Yes, a one time additional donation amount above and beyond your membership to further support your school/youth organization.

RahRah gives back 100% of all extra donations that are placed on top of the membership purchase.

Most online donation fundraising platforms and companies keep between 20-30% of donations.

Is there a cost for business affiliates to participate?

There is no cost for business affiliates to participate and they can update, add deals at any time.

With RahRah 2.0 we have custom premium digital marketing solutions that small businesses can upgrade to with more product features and offerings.

Is the app available nationwide?

Yes, your RahRah! Membership gives you unlimited access to local deals and at over 400,000 locations nationwide. Our local RahRah business affiliate representatives sign local businesses all year round.

How often do schools/youth organizations get paid?

Schools/youth organizations get paid bi-monthly on all initial membership purchases, renewals and extra donations.

What happens to members who join and a student graduates?

This is one of the best features of the RahRah program.

All active paid members can keep saving money and the organization receives those funds long after a student graduates from the organization.

This is a residual membership based platform that keeps building an active membership base for many years, all while continuing to support the organization and the local business community.